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  • 1st Largest investor

    Accenture Employees €380 invested this week

    Accenture Employees France

    Private group for Accenture employees

  • 2nd Largest investor

    SAP €300 invested this week

    SAP France

    SAP group

  • 3rd Largest investor

    Capgemini group & Friends €140 invested this week

    Capgemini group & Friends

    For all Capgemini group employees and friends

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  • Capgemini Employees Australia

    Capgemini Employees ... Australia

    A private group for Aussie lenders of Capgemini

    12 members

    7 projects supported

    €660 invested

  • CaprOUEST

    CaprOUEST France

    Cap à l'Ouest vers le earthend

    1 member

    2 projects supported

    €40 invested