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Why participate in microfinance?

In developing countries, 70% of adults are not able to access traditional financial systems, and 3 billion people live with less than 2 dollars a day. If the current tendencies go on, it is estimated that in 40 years, 4 billion people will have to survive with that amount.

Nowadays, microfinance is the effective tool and the most expanded one to fight against poverty worldwide, proposing a set of basic financial services to entrepreneurs that have been excluded from traditional banking systems.

Microfinance reaches today 150 million people across the world, who have been served by more than 10,000 Microfinance institutions (cooperatives, NGOs, microfinance banks or commercial banks). Day after day, this phenomenon is gaining momentum.

"Beside the 3 pillars of development that are democracy, education and infrastructures, microfinance is progressively considered as a key instrument to set up effective and sustainable strategies against poverty", declares Jacques Attali, President of Positive Planet.

Solidarity, education and employment that motivate actors of microfinance are values also shared, developed and conveyed by Capgemini group. That is why the group has decided to put itself at the centre of this issue, thanks to the internet platform on solidarity-based microcredit developed by MicroWorld.

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Why opt for a microcredit platform?

Through this partnership, Capgemini allows you to get directly involved in a solidarity – based project offering you new services:

  • - the opportunity to lend little amounts of money to micro-entrepreneurs all around the world, who have decided to set-up their professional activities in a sustainable way;
  • - the occasion to inform yourself about Capgemini and Sogeti actions related to microfinance;
  • - the possibility to create a real Capgemini and Sogeti community for the microfinance field, to share projects, desires and common ideas as well as any other social action being directly linked to this issue.

The group will also gain knowledge on the latest progress of microfinance and will develop this information in order to focus its initiatives in the wisest possible and the most effective way.

Why Microworld?

Being a MicroWorld partner, Capgemini Group offers to its team members innovative functionalities:

  • A website with Capgemini Group branding, where employees feel welcome;
  • A specific content for the Group;
  • Detailed projects to choose case-by-case;
  • An international website available in English and French versions;
  • An active and involved social network.
  • MicroWorld chooses to lend money, rather than donate it, since this gives responsibility to micro-entrepreneurs and enables them to work in a more sustainable and effective way. Donation is a one-off aid measure ends once it has been used; on the other hand, a loan is a continued help which comes with a set of services such as training and micro-entrepreneurs follow-up. At the end, they will be capable of developing their activity on their own. While donating is a charitable action, lending is a solidarity-based one.

    At Capgemini and Sogeti, we believe in microfinance, and it is with particular enthusiasm that we undertake to develop this field along with our partners, MicroWorld and Positive Planet.