Top Groups this week

  • 1st Largest investor

    Capgemini group & Friends €160 invested this week

    Capgemini group & Friends

    For all Capgemini group employees and friends

  • 2nd Largest investor

    Accenture Employees €120 invested this week

    Accenture Employees France

    Private group for Accenture employees

  • 3rd Largest investor

    Les gouttes d'eau €60 invested this week

    Les gouttes d'eau France

    Parce qu'il est trop facile de ne rien tenter

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347 groups

  • OMD


    OMD group

    44 members

    19 projects supported

    €6,880 invested

  • Accenture Global Corporate Citizenship

    Accenture Global ...

    Members of Accenture Global Corporate Citizenship team

    1 member

    0 project supported

    €0 invested

  • OruentisdesTilles

    OruentisdesTilles France

    La plus noble conquête de l'homme

    0 member

    0 project supported

    €0 invested

  • Sophia Antipolis

    Sophia Antipolis France

    Groupe de Sophia Antipolis

    9 members

    138 projects supported

    €3,720 invested

  • Accenture@Orange

    Accenture@Orange France

    Global community for all Accenture people at Orange

    13 members

    27 projects supported

    €1,240 invested