Top Groups this week

  • 1st Largest investor

    Capgemini group & Friends €160 invested this week

    Capgemini group & Friends

    For all Capgemini group employees and friends

  • 2nd Largest investor

    Accenture Employees €120 invested this week

    Accenture Employees France

    Private group for Accenture employees

  • 3rd Largest investor

    Les gouttes d'eau €60 invested this week

    Les gouttes d'eau France

    Parce qu'il est trop facile de ne rien tenter

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347 groups

  • Accenture@Carlsberg

    Accenture@Carlsberg Denmark

    Accenture Employees on BSP1 Project

    1 member

    0 project supported

    €0 invested


    ALMIZAN NATURAL Saudi Arabia

    Organic Food & Product distribution

    1 member

    77 projects supported

    €4,180 invested

  • accenture@Saudi Arabia

    accenture@Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

    Group of monthly donors across our Saudi offices

    1 member

    0 project supported

    €0 invested

  • UBS AG Employees

    UBS AG Employees Switzerland

    UBS AG is a Swiss global financial services company that is ...

    1 member

    1 project supported

    €60 invested



    Chacun apporte ce qu'il veut ...

    2 members

    19 projects supported

    €600 invested