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It takes a single moment to spark an idea and moments around it, before and after, to converge and manifest this thought, thus leading to transformation. This is my journey...

It was early 2010, when I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of friends. It did not take longer than 2 days for me to get into a raw state of being: a raw state is when/where everything and anything that is not essential to your being just naturally leaves you and you’re left with what’s basically raw in you. I was deeply immersed in this state until day 5, one day before reaching the top! I suffered from altitude sickness, and I had to descend, accompanied by one of the guides, to recover. Of course, I was, back then, in a semi state of euphoria due to the lack of oxygen; yet despite my breathing difficulties I insisted on having a conversation with my guide, asking him all sorts of questions. At some point I asked him how many times he climbs Kili in a year. His answer was at least 6 times, because it allows him to make enough money to transfer his daughter from a public school to a private one. My natural reaction was to propose to sponsor her schooling, since the amount was about two hundred and fifty US Dollars. What followed was beyond words! My guide froze and tears rolled down his eyes, as if the universe had given the world to him! I will never forget that moment, from what I saw in front of me to how I felt, and it was then that I said to myself that if I have to live for one more day, this is what I want to be doing; this is the heart I want to be touching and be touched by.

I left Kili to return to London where I was finishing my MBA. For me, an MBA shapes the mind into more globalism and adds a lot of knowledge and skills.

An array of events preceded the Kili moment. I had experienced lots of losses of different kinds, many in a row or in conjunction. That led me to rethink and transform my own life with a new sense of determination and awareness. I grew very interested in supporting others, particularly through microfinance; so I started building up for a microfinance institution in my home country. This exercise exposed me, more in depth, into the industry that fascinated me, but what captivated even more were all the people who work and dedicate themselves to this purpose.

The Kili experience, changes in my life and my MBA learning converged all to a concept that reaches a whole region through social networking and CSR along with macro-economical layers.. This is when the Pi Slice model started to take shape, and another leg of the journey started. Colleagues, mentors, friends, social & personal events and my experience in investment banking all started adding even more to Pi Slice, which kept on growing and evolving to reach its actual starting point.

If I learnt anything along this journey is that we’re in a constant movement of flow, and when we’re in the right place inside ourselves, everything else, on the outside, starts rearranging itself, endlessly attracting what it needs to keep flowing.

This is to everyone and everything that contributed for Pi Slice to be born and to flow, and for me to witness the whole process and grow with it in all commitment and presence.

Genny Ghanimeh

Founder & CEO of Pi Slice


Pi Slice core starting team consists of highly motivated entrepreneurs with diverse experience in Finance, Strategy, Technology, Marketing & Communications..

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Pi Slice

Following her passions for the MicroFinance & the Online industries, and after a life-altering trek in Kilimanjaro, Genny presented Pi Slice idea & Business Plan as part of her MBA projects...

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Chief Financial Officer

After graduating from HEC Business School with a Master’s Degree in Finance, Nathalie began her career working as an Originator for the Debt Capital Market department at Société Générale...

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Chief Technology Officer

Wissam is a digital marketing expert with 8 years of combined experience in Marketing and IT, specializing in Internet Search Engine Optimization, Local Search, fundraising, business development and strategy.

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Community Manager

Bashir brings 5 years of experience in the management and client service sectors. Bashir began his career as a senior Account Executive with Net Design Plus where he handled several projects, and dealt with all clients’ requirements; website comments, website development, design briefs and online marketing campaigns.

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Pi Slice is supported by a strong Board who provide industry experience, guidance and access to potential networks and investors.


Chief Executive Officer

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Senior Partner of Abraaj Capital,
Chief Executive Officer of Riyada Enterprise Development

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Investor & Entrepreneur

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Secretary General for the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee

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Chief Operator Officer MicroWorld

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Thomas GOLD

Sourcing Director

Thomas is working with Elsa, he's the one who create new partnerships with MFI's to publish new loans on Pi Slice website.


Portofolio Manager

Elsa is working with MFI's and trying to find new ones all around the world in order to promote new projects on Pi Slice's website.

Coralie GATE

Web Director

Coralie's mission is to improve and develop the website (content, animations).