Affiliated Partners

Together, we can help micro-entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. With a 20€ loan, you can participate in poverty reduction.

First international news channel in Europe, euronews covers world events with objectivity and neutrality. has chosen to invest in projects on MicroWorld to help micro-entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses. joins MicroWorld in promoting sustainable solutions.

Vaiva was born from a wish to innovate and make the world better as best we can. Collaboration is at the heart of our project, so what’s more obvious than helping micro-entrepreneurs who also have meaningful projects?

Les fées de Bengale is an ethical designer who combines fashion with sustainable development. It is an ethical mode of expression for all girls who love fashion.

La chaine du cœur is the very first international multimedia portal totally devoted to solidarity, for all humanitarian actors: institutional, associative and individual.

With more than 2.2 million daily listeners, RFM is the primary radio station for people from 25 to 49 years old. has chosen to invest in MicroWorld’s mission because, for us, Microcredit is a sustainable solution which gives hope and dignity to male and female entrepreneurs.

They also support us..., the social change media group brings you news and facts from the world of social enterprise.

20 minutes is a free daily newspaper created in late 1999 and published in several European countries.

Le Figaro is a french newspaper founded in 1826. It is the the oldest French newspaper in publication.

Travel allows people to face the reality of the world and open their minds to others. Travel VOX is grounded in the conviction that global travelers have a real role to play in building a more united world.