Local Partners

Micro Pay and its partners are proud to work with a number of local microfinance institutions who are responsible for disbursing and monitoring loans, supporting micro-entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses, and collecting repayments. For more information on how these institutions are selected and integrated, please see the How We Operate section.

Al Majmoua


Al Majmoua, which means "The Group" in Arabic, was established in 1998 as a microfinance program for women with low incomes. This was initiated by the US organisation, Save The Children. Today a major player in the microfinance sector in Lebanon, Al Majmoua, an NGO, serves more than 25,000 borrowers in rural and urban areas throughout the Lebanese territory. Al Majmoua applies and follows a nondiscriminatory policy, both with regards to its employees and customers.



HUMO is a microfinance institution in Tajikistan. Established in the east part of the country where the majority of the population is concentrated, the institution has a dozen branches spread over the rural areas of the country. The institution serves a little over 13 000 clients by means of loans which are mainly distributed to groups of borrowers wishing to develop agricultural activities (livestock farming and sales, cultivation of various products) or small businesses (mainly market vendors or cottage industries).



Créa-Sol is a French microfinance institution that finances micro and small businesses in partnership with banks and business-support networks. Through co-financing, the partners share the amount lent and this eases the approval of loans rejected by banks because of the high amount requested. This partnership also allows providing entrepreneurs, often previously unemployed people, with business development services and post-disbursement monitoring.