Our Support Network

The MicroWorld project has progressed with the help of some of the best advisors and global experts in the fields of microfinance, information technology and communication.


MicroWorld has chosen to use MangoPay to manage its collection and cash repayments.

The Payment Service Partner (PSP) status of MangoPay allows MicroWorld lenders a total guarantee of transparency and security for the management of their funds.

Planet Rating

Planet Rating is a specialized microfinance rating agency offering evaluation and rating services to microfinance institutions (MFIs). It was created in 1999 as a department of Positive Planet and became an independent private entity in 2005.

To date, Planet Rating has conducted over 700 missions in more than 85 countries and continues to expand its international presence. Planet Rating helps MicroWorld to identify the best MFIs to partner with, and to continually monitor their progress.


MicroWorld site is hosted by the service company Typhon.

Typhon is a provider specialized in hosting needs, outsourcing and TMA.