Sogeti and PlaNet Finance

The Sogeti Group is associated with PlaNet Finance. Created in 1998 by Jacques Attali and Arnaud Ventura, this international NGO focuses on the fight against poverty, through the development of micro-finance. Sogeti supports them through a financial, technological and human backing.

Several concrete benefits

PlaNet Finance supports the MFIs that grant micro-credits to the populations that are excluded from the traditional banking system in order to make them able to create or develop their own economical activities. Through its action in more than 60 countries, PlaNet Finance has enabled more than 80 million people to benefit from the services of more than 10,000 micro-finance institutions.

A triple support

Sogeti is a key pillar of PlaNet Finance. Its support allows PlaNet Finance to grow up and to stay fully focused on its mission. In addition to its financial support, Sogeti offers its technological know-how and expertise to PlaNet Finance, and ensure the maintainance of its information systems.

Providing awareness to employees

The Group provides the opportunity to its teams to realize an information audit mission on PlaNet Finance. Thanks to this approach, Sogeti provides awareness to their employees, allowing them to be the privileged witnesses of the remarkable work on the ground done by the association.

Some concrete actions:

Sogeti committed in 2008 to give 100,000 dollars to support PlaNet Finance's activities in India that were linked to the development of microfinance, and to organize the conference « Microfinance and Information Technology ».

Sogeti and the Capgemini Group became founding partners of the PlaNet Finance Foundation in 2011 and donated 250,000 euros each over a 5 year period.

The International Microfinance Awards

The « International Microfinance Awards », is a ceremony created by PlaNet Finance that rewards micro-entrepreneurs coming from all over the world for their tenacity and their entrepreneurship spirit. As partner of PlaNet Finance, Sogeti supported this event since the beginning.

In 2008, Sogeti supported the event up to 75 000 euros.

In 2009, its support ranged up to 25 000 euros.

In 2010, Sogeti sponsored the event as main partner and supported the « Information Technology » Prize.

Sogeti and

Why opt for a platform on solidarity-based loans?

Having its own loan platform, Sogeti directly involves their community in this project based on solidarity, by offering a set of completely new services:

  • the opportunity to lend small amounts of money to microentrepreneurs from all around the world, who decided to develop their professional activity on a long-standing basis;
  • the chance to be informed about Sogeti's actions around microfinance, developed by PlaNet Finance in the emerging countries and specifically linked to the Group's values;
  • The possibility to create a real Sogeti community sharing project, envies and common ideas in the microfinance field and in all other social action directly linked to the matter.

The Group itself can stay informed about the microfinance news and develop its knowledge in the field in order to adjust its actions in the most judicious and effective way.

Why choose

Save the historical reason of this partnership (MicroWorld is a subsidiary of the PlaNet Finance Group), Sogeti chose the platform in order to offer some innovative functionalities to its employees:

  • A website respectingSogeti's graphic style guide
  • A specific content for the Group
  • Some detailed projects to choose individually
  • An international website available both in english and french
  • An active and committed social network

MicroWorld proposes to lend rather than donate, that gives a sense of responsability to the microentrepreneur and in this way, the accompanying can be more perennial and efficient.

The donation is a punctual help that ends once it is used; the loan is a continuous help that comes with a set of services like the microentrepreneur's training and follow up. At the end, the latest is able to develop its activity by its own means.

When donating is charity, lending is solidarity.