Pi Slice Corporate partners

Pi Slice is a peer-to-peer micro-lending platform that allows people from around the world to lend to the poor to start or expand their micro-businesses. Pi Slice aims to build an online community of lenders engaging through it individuals and corporates to tackle together the issue of unemployment.

Pi Slice aims to work with MFIs partners in all country in MENA when possible, including countries where regulations pose significant obstacles, such as Egypt and Morocco. Pi Slice is committed to addressing these issues with the support of its partners through putting in place innovative solutions to have maximum micro-entrepreneurs outreach.

  • Corporates have visibility: online and offline

  • Corporates are part of a CSR evolution

  • Corporates are offered a unique program that increases the impact and efficiency of their CSR actions by using funds to engage and mobilize their network in a transparent way while supporting micro-entrepreneurs.

    To promote your involvement in supporting microfinance in the region, you have the option to become a corporate partner platform. Your role will be recognized throughout the website and external communications.

    For more information, email us at: contact@pi-slice.com