Pi Slice is a web based social platform which represents a new channel of funding for Micro Finance Institutions. Its framework is a unique, connecting system that links individuals and companies – who wish to invest - with MENA based MFIs - which in turn use the funds to provide micro-credit to their customers. Through this web based platform, motivated individuals and companies can help MFIs in the MENA region to build a sustainable future for micro-entrepreneurs, as well as a favourable ecosystem for development at the macro level.

The MENA region is home to approximately 370 million inhabitants of which at least 26 percent are estimated to be living on less than USD $2 / day. Half of the region’s population have to make ends meet with an income which barely covers their basic needs. To manage their unpredictable situation, they need access to funds and financial tools that traditional banks aren’t willing to provide, especially considering the fact that the supply of microfinance services in the region is modest, at best. It is estimated that there are approx. 6 million households eligible for a microfinance loan and that there is a gap of approx. 3 million potential microfinance customers for a total of nearly $3.5 billion in GLP.

When you think about making a difference in developing the MENA region, you might consider donating to a charity of your choice or to a NGO, as most people do. What if you could instead direct a portion of your investment portfolio towards financing microfinance institutions? Not only would get a return on your investment and diversify your portfolio, but you would as well participate responsibly in the social development from the base of the pyramid.


For Investors:

  • Investors have no access to projects that align with social strategic goals
  • Investors have limited variety when choosing social investment/charity causes
  • Investors have no transparency into performance of MFIs
  • Investors seldom receive a return for money given for charitable causes

For MFIs:

  • MFIs have limited ability to source funds from individuals and corporations and are often lacking in liquidity
  • MFIs have no accountability since they rely mostly on donations & grants which raises scepticism
  • MF industry is not consolidated and still has a long way on regulations

For Borrowers:

  • Borrowers have insufficient access to funds to develop their own projects
  • Borrowers don't benefit from all the array of Micro Finance products

And this is exactly what Pi Slice will resolve by providing transparency, accountability, access, choice, etc.

For Investors:

  • Investors will have the ability to research various social platforms for investments and make a choice that aligns with personal or organizational objectives
  • Investors can benefit from profiled and recommended MFIs with the insurance that their money is properly invested to end borrowers,
  • Investors can get a transparent record of their investment's performance
  • Investors can have access to a unique CSR channel
  • Investors will be contributing to a more consolidated Microfinance Industry leading to products development, regulation, etc..

For MFIs:

  • MFIs will have access to CSR budgets from Corporations and to individual investors
  • MFIs will show more accountability to remain part of the Pi Slice network
  • MFIs will get the opportunity to be part of a more consolidated industry, leading to an improvement of the regulation

For Borrowers:

  • Borrowers will have access to a larger source of cash
  • Borrowers will get access to new products to cover their needs

In conclusion, Pi Slice can bring the following advantages to the MENA region:

  • Pi Slice operates in MENA, a market that is under-penetrated and under-funded for the Micro Finance industry that still lacks on regulations and transparency
  • Pi Slice is an innovative business model in MENA supported by tier one strategic partners and a highly motivated and qualified team
  • Pi Slice lists MFIs according to strict Selection Criteria ensuring transparency, investment and social performance, low risk, sustainability, outreach, etc...
  • Pi Slice ensures the money is properly invested to MFIs that in turn lend to their customers
  • Pi Slice has its own technology system that allows users to easily navigate the site, and allows Pi Slice to monitor transactions, traffic, and control fraud
  • Pi Slice creates a new sustainable and profitable CSR channel for corporations and institutions, and therefore new sources of funding for MFIs through CSR programs and individual investors
  • Pi slice introduces a new social online community which allows people and Corporations to meet, and participate into social development

Several challenges exist in the current microfinance industry in MENA....

Our Mission

  1. Reduce unemployment in MENA and support MENA micro-entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses through micro-credit.
  2. Create a MENA online community of lenders.



The relationship created between the lender and the micro-entrepreneur is based on mutual respect
and business principles, not charity.


The Pi Slice - MicroWorld team is made up of professionals who specialise in web, microfinance, and online banking, who are committed to investing their expertise in the Pi Slice organisation.


Pi Slice’s interface is designed with transparency as a priority. Lenders can find clear and accurate information on the available projects, as well as precisely monitor their investments.


Pi Slice is based on a new economic model combining solidarity, economic viability, and innovative technology.


Microfinance borrowers are typically unable to directly raise investment capital from investors. However, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) have this capability to use your investments to finance microfinance borrowers and their projects. Like banks, MFIs closely evaluate and monitor the ability of their microfinance borrowers to repay their loans. And they usually manage and follow up on a portfolio of microfinance loans to diversify risk. MFIs also make sure that the projects developed by their borrowers, operate ethically.

And this is how Pi Slice works:

On Pi Slice, investors can choose to purchase investments offered by different MFIs. The MFI then directs the investment in the form of a loan to microfinance borrowers in their portfolio. These microfinance borrowers eventually pay back their loans which have an average 12 to18 months, and the MFI is able to pay the investor back with some interest.

Learn about the risks involved and how they are managed