• Al Majmoua provides cooperatives with production equipment



Al Majmoua : Distribution of Productive Equipment to Lebanese Cooperatives

Based on its central principle to constantly improve the economic and social conditions of the inhabitants living in underprivileged rural areas, Al Majmoua, launched a project in collaboration with Fair Trade Lebanon to supply cooperatives with necessary productive gear and tools.

Springing from the belief that these specific businesses promote local and economic development, Al Majmoua delivered to 19 agricultural and women run co-ops a total of 30 pieces of equipment necessary to further better their operations and maximize their productivity.

The selection process, led by Fair Trade Lebanon, was conducted on a careful needs-based assessment study of more than 500 co-op members who have made a positive impact within their respective communities.

Commenting on the initiative, Executive Director of Al Majmoua Dr. Youssef Fawaz said, "This project further highlights the commitment of our association towards the economic and social development in Lebanon by strengthening the economic power of cooperatives, which play a key role in local and regional development."

To serve the initiative, equipment distributed through this project includes, ovens, specialty food holding containers, heaters, water filters, dough mixers, filling machines for stow-away consumables, carton sealers, and food dehydrators. Other uses for these serve in the processing and production of dairy products, as well as grape-growing and wine production.

Fair Trade Lebanon President Mr. Samir Abdel Malak stresses on the organization’s mission where he said: “Fair Trade Lebanon uses the following clear, simple shared definition and purpose: "To root Lebanese in their land", by providing people in rural areas with training, equipment, marketing, operation processes, and access to fair income sources, thus creating healthy local environment ...”

About Al Majmoua:
Since its establishment in 1997, Al Majmoua has aimed at promoting sustainable development by improving the economic and social conditions of low-income individuals, especially micro-entrepreneurs and women through the provision of financial and non-financial services all over Lebanon.

About Fair Trade Lebanon:
Established since 2006, Fair Trade Lebanon aims at improving the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged people living in rural Lebanon. It thrives to create an economic environment that is fair, reliable, sustainable and respectful of nature.

Source: Daily Star: