Cambodia, microfinance saw a bright

Cambodia, microfinance is an integral part of life in the country

Source: La Croix

In Cambodia, while three quarters of the population live in rural areas, only 300,000 Cambodians have a bank account.
The country of the Khmers, with 15 million inhabitants, 30% of the population is poor.

Microfinance is a valuable aid to the country. The course Meas Somaly, microentrepreneuse 48 years proves it. The third loan she made today, in the amount of $ 135 (€ 105) will now allow it to cover the floor of his small business "fast food" with a concrete slab. Many other success stories could be cited, such as Maly performing today its fourth loan in order to increase the stock of his company or Nareth Sours, which requires a microcredit to mount his small business.

Microfinance is more than a means to fight against poverty in the country, this is a real solution for financial resources law.
Thus, we can now count 32 microfinance institutions in Cambodia, and 1.2 million micro borrowers. The industry believes 4% over the last six months.
For women, who represent 82% of borrowers, the system is a solid exit.
With a repayment rate of about 98%, it is now clear that microfinance has good days ahead.

The state quickly recognized its usefulness and encourages the sector since 2006. This is a credit bureau was established to prevent over-indebtedness. By identifying all borrowers and the amount of debt, the country hopes to avoid the crisis experienced by the sector in recent years.

Today, the Cambodian microfinance environment is ranked eighth according to the study conducted by The Economist . A classification promising.

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