Educating Displaced Children and Offering Them a Better Future

More than 60 million people around the world are affected by conflict and war. Half of these are children, displaced from their normal lives and homes, with a slim chance of a better future. We would like to help them, by giving these war-torn children the opportunity to enjoy some of the rights and freedom that all children deserve.

Our program: ‘Change the Future’

Our 'Change the Future' program will initially support a refugee camp called Oinophyta located outside the city of Athens in Greece. The camp currently holds 550 families and about 210 children. Our mission this year is to provide a number of children with access to educational, literacy, and recreational programs; a chance to learn, in a place where they can be children again. We aim to create a cloud solution where educational contents can be stored & managed remotely and be distributed & tracked via small computer devices.

Why are we doing this?

How can you help?

With your support, and help we have a chance to transform the lives of vulnerable children. If you relate to this cause and you want to be part of this initiative, you can:

  • • Support this project with a donation here (even £1 would massively help)
  • • Come on board! We need volunteers who can support us to build and implement a solution. Here is a link to our Facebook page where you can read about 'Change the Future' and see what skills we need!

If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please get in touch with us.

'Change the Future' is an approved Group CSR initiative - sponsored by Sogeti UK's CEO, Brian Shea.

Anahita Mahmoudi | Delivery Lead | Sogeti UK
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