Etincelle Program: Back on the Innovation Discovery Workshops in Toulouse

On Tuesday, February 28, at the AiE in Toulouse, the tutored of Passeport Avenir were welcomed as part of the Etincelle project, which aims to inspire the desire to innovate for students from popular backgrounds. Nearly 20 students participated in a session of creativity of innovation discovery workshops.

The aim of these various workshops was to strengthen the bridges between future graduates and innovation actors and allow them to understand in a fun and interactive way the innovation issues that transform our society in relation to Capgemini jobs.

3 innovative projects were presented by Idriss Laouali Abdou, Adel Laib and Florent Blain:

Oculus Rift Demo: Provide a pilot training experience with immersive virtual reality.

Augmented Reality Demo: How Augmented Reality helps quality technicians and controllers
identify different items on an object being manufactured.

Microsoft Hololens Demo: Using mixed reality based on holograms to explore the structure of a product and access additional information with manual and voice interaction.

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