An ex Golden Girl converted in the fight against financial exclusion

Discover the exceptional path of Sucharita Mukherjee, young Indian woman who has followed her dreams and ideals building on her career of Golden Girl in the service of financial inclusion and development.

Sucharita, promising young student, turns towards studies in rural management where she spent 10 days on the ground in isolated rural area in Gujarat in India. An experience that "changed her life" and that finished quickly due to the opportunity to join an MBA at the University of Ahmedabad.

Studying the functioning of the finance and the capital markets, Sucharita joined the Deutsche Bank in Mumbai and in London.
Despite her growing interest in innovation in this sector, Sucharita has difficulty seeing the impact of her work on real life.

After a visit to her country where she spent time on the ground with an NGO specialized in development , Sucharita returned to her first "passion" and began to ask questions about her professional future: should she leave everything to work for an NGO in India? What value would she bring them ?

Continuing on this path, it is only when she learned the creation of an institution wanting to use the financial markets in the service of the poor in a newspaper article, that she got the click she expected.

Sucharita spent the following interesting years to take part in the development of this institution and its financial mechanical to offer financial services suitable for the base of the pyramid.
It is thus based on that principle : bring investors to lend money to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in exchange of the microcredits they have in their portfolio.

And to achieve her goal, which is to "the access of financial services for 700 million people in India," Sucharita will not hesitate to take risks: "What is better? Climb the ladder with the risk of falling or stay down without hope of getting through? . "

Thus, 12 years after her arrival at the Deutsche Bank, Sucharita manages the IFMR institution in Chennai and found a way to use all her expertise in capital markets serving people that she always wanted to help, the poor, allowing them to access financial inclusion .

Today, Sucharita was smiling as she was able to "create" the job of her dreams!
She gives advice to all the Golden Boys:"Do not disconnect from real life" and "put heart into your work."

Sources : Blog Youphil

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