The first results of the 2013 Global Microscope report about microfinance!

Developed by EIU and in collaboration with various actors of microfinance, the Microscope is now in its seventh year, it examines the sectors of microfinance countries taking into account their national regulatory environment and the corresponding institutional surroundings.

More than half of the countries in this report have improved their scores of microfinance in the past year, evidence of the commitment of many governments and institutions to develop financial inclusion.
Indeed, beyond the 55 countries surveyed in the report this year, 30 have improved their scores, 19 declined and six remained unchanged.

Each country is analyzed on the basis of two criteria:

  • regulation and supervision of microfinance
  • the effectiveness of institutional support for microfinance (risk central, customer protection...)

  • This year, the five countries that were in the previous year on top of the rankings remained the same, ie Peru, Bolivia, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines.
    Peru is then the country that offers the best environment for the development of microfinance!

    Another country stands out in this report, Cambodia. After reaching the top 10 last year, it continues its strong growth to hit the 6th place thanks to the Cambodian microfinance institutions that have good procedures for prevention of over-indebtedness of clients and a new arbitration center which aims to resolve disputes related to microfinance.

    Despite the increase in scores related to institutional support, the trend is downward in terms of regulation and supervision.

    Sources : EIU,

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