How is the French social economy in 2014?

Back to the situation of the social economy and social entrepreneurs in France in 2014: progress, obstacles, challenges...

The social economy public interest is growing

One in three French has heard of social entrepreneurship, 64% of the social economy. Over 7% compared to 2013. A positive evolution also noted by the third edition of the Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship, published by Convergences.

In the past few years, the media coverage in this sector has grown significantly with the appearance of headings and specialized websites as, Socialter or the show "Tous acteurs de changement" on LCI.

A trend that has intensified with the creation of a Ministry for the social economy under the previous government. Under the government Valls, Valérie Fourneyron therefore is the successor of Benoît Hamon on the project of outline law on social economy.

Combine economic profitability and social impact

In France, social entrepreneurs are federated within the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs (MOUVES) that defines social entrepreneurship as such: "Social enterprises are businesses with a social, societal or environmental purpose and limited profit orientation. They seek to involve their stakeholders in their governance."

This global movement that seeks economic efficiency in the service of the public interest through a renewal of the dominant economic models is not without obstacles.
Indeed, the lack of financial resources, the difficulty in developing partnerships and the lack of recognition of government would be the main obstacles to a massive development of social entrepreneurship.

How to meet the challenge?

By major actors in the sector, the key would be to build a funding between crowdfunding, social finance, the support of private companies and subsidies. Eve Durquety, responsible for projects related to social economy at KPMG says: "Only the structures able to organize their fundraising will be able to pull out in the years to come."

Despite this positive evolution, the sector is still too much in the shade and still little understood by the French: 70% of French people didn’t hear of social entrepreneurship.

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