Integration of an MFI in Gabon : Day 1

Thomas, from MicroWorld Operation Team, is currently on the ground to lead the integration of the Microfinance Institution GAMIFI in Gabon. Follow every day his work on the ground, his thoughts, his meetings!

After 7 hours of flight and torrentials rains, I finally arrived in Libreville, the capital city of Gabon !

Après une courte nuit dans un petit hôtel de la capitale, direction le siège social de l’Institution de Microfinance (IMF) GAMIFI pour y découvrir son organisation.
After a short night in a small hotel in the capital, I went towards the headquarters of the Microfinance Institution (MFI) GAMIFI to discover this organization.

GAMIFI is located in a building where the institution occupies two floors. The ground floor serves as an agency for the reception of clients, cash desk for financial transactions etc.. and the top floor houses the headquarters of the MFI .
GAMIFI distribute credits which aims to support informal "small economy" in Gabon (store keepers, restaurants, taxis...) but also allow these entrepreneurs to make savings.

For this first day, I had the opportunity to meet during an interview, the General Manager of the institution, Flora Obame . This woman entrepreneur has impressed me with her energy, her perspicacity and her ability to manage strategic discussions as well as solving technical problems.

For my first meal in Gabon we went to a Chinese restaurant! ... I can't wait to taste the traditional Gabonese cooking!

Finally, this first day left me a little time to have a first general impression of the city. As usual, it is surprising that what may seems a urban "chaos" for the visitor that I am, seems to follow the rules and the organization quite intelligible for the inhabitants.

Tomorrow i will meet all the major actors at GAMIFI and discover more in detail the financial and administrative procedures. A busy day in perspective!

See you soon !
Thomas, MicroWorld Operation Team

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