Integration of an MFI in Gabon : Day 2

For this second day at Libreville, I arrived at the first hours at the MFI GAMIFI and I could see the friendly atmosphere in the premises!
Le siège social se compose de 2 bureaux pour la directrice générale et la directrice financière, d’une pièce principale où 5 autres employés sont installés, d’une salle « technique » et enfin d’une cuisine partagée.
The headquarters is composed by two offices for the CEO and the CFO, a main room where five other employees are working, a "technical" room for IT Department and finally a shared kitchen.

In the morning, the weather outside is very heavy but it seems to only affect me!

After, I presented the MicroWorld microcredit platform to the employees of GAMIFI and exchanged on its concept. I am pleased to see that as the morning progresses, the concept became more concrete in their minds.
In fact, the idea that individuals in France want to participate in the financing of projects in Gabon seemed totally incongruous for them at the beginning!

You should know that microfinance in Gabon is something very new and it is a real challenge that requires patience and educational approach. FYI, the first microfinance institution created in Gabon mainly provided services to foreign workers living in Gabon, more customary to microcredit .

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to interview the finance department, which manages the cash and resources of the MFI as well as the IT department.

In the late afternoon we had finally a storm! The "small" rainy season in November-December takes its name only from its short duration (as opposed to the long rainy season). As all the employees of GAMIFI , I wait for the end of the storm to get out.

See you soon !
Thomas, MicroWorld Operation Team

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