Integration of an MFI in Gabon : Day 3 & 4

For my third and fourth day of integration within the GAMIFI , I was able to discover and meet the employees of Fo agency, the main agency of GAMIFI , supervised by Natacha Ntougou.

In addition, I had the opportunity to meet two microentrepreneurs inhabitants in the suburb of Libreville : Mr Augustin and Mr Joaquim.

Small precision : in Gabon, we like to call people by their first name, even when it comes to respect the conventions!

Let me introduce you a bit these two microentrepreneurs :

Mr Augustin manages a sewing workshop in a small room at the side of a road. His premises is somewhat cramped but it contains everything you need to maintain his activity: two sewing machines (for him and his friend), clothing, cloth and a fan essential to support the suffocating heat of the area!
Mr Augustin works mainly on demand of his customers.

He learned tailoring for many years, shortly after his studies and his last loan with the MFI GAMIFI allowed him to prepare costumes for the school year in Gabon, strong demand period for his activity.
When demand is less strong, to not depend on a single source of income, Mr Augustin also works in commerce, especially selling electronic objects.
Microcredit has allowed him with the time to develop his sewing business but also enhance his ancillary activities.

Mr Joaquim, the second microentrepreneur, just made his first application loan . He heard about GAMIFI by a friend who already received several loans. Mr Joaquim is in Gabon for about 13 years. He is originally from Nigeria.

He has built himself his shop, without help. He started as a street seller near the bus station area. His savings are then allowed him to open a first premise where he sells different kinds of items that can vary depending on the season.
The most popular items are televisions, stereo channels, and fans.

This loan will allow him to buy stocks for a second small shop that he just started to rent. He therefore needs "capital" to supply this new shop.

Mr Joaquim and Mr Augustin rather appreciate my visit and the funding initiative of MicroWorld microcredit online plateform that will increase the reach of microcredit in Gabon.

For now, I had only a glimpse of Libreville but in the different neighborhoods I could see, I noticed that there is an alternation between the concrete and the equatorial flora. Libreville is only at 20 kilometers from the equator!

See you soon !
Thomas, MicroWorld Operation Team

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