Integration of an MFI in Gabon : Day 5 & 6

For my 5th and 6th day of integration, I had the opportunity to interview a loan officer from GAMIFI but also to go on the field to meet Georges, micro-entrepreneur in Gabon.

Focus on his path :

Georges, originally from Benin but installed long time ago in Gabon, is horticulturist. He lives in the suburb of Libreville , a strategic location that allow him to have a field for growing salads and vegetables and also being close enough to points of sale and distribution.

His horticulture activity started in 1997 with the help of his brother. They are both part of a cooperative , in which they rent for 26,000 FCFA per month a land of 1000m² and access to water.
"With the progress of the cooperative, a deep well was drilled there two years ago. It allows us to have access to water during the 4 months of dry season."
The cooperative is clearly a way to pool resources of hundreds of families who belongs to it, and secure their business through investments in common as this recent well.

A big part of the development of his business, Georges said he owes it to GAMIFI , the MFI that accompanies him. His last loan permitted him to install protection on some of his fields, essential during the rainy season to protect crops.
Thanks to this, Georges and his brother can now have a full-time gardener and they began to undertake other business activities to diversify the source of income of the family.

There are lots of opportunities in Gabon for entrepreneurs as Georges.
"Recently, we were offered to buy a chicken coop near our garden. It is an activity that is profitable. But we lack the capital to invest, that is why GAMIFI is useful to us. "

See you soon !
Thomas, MicroWorld Operation Team

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