International Women's Day : the potential of microfinance

For the International Women's Day, this 8th of March, MicroWorld wishes to recall the potential of microfinance in the access to employment and the empowerment of women around the world.

Today, it is estimated that there's still 32% gap to close at a global level to achieve equality between women and men.

That's why, MicroWorld commits daily to promote access to microcredit for the women, particularly by ensuring that its partners microfinance institutions share the same value.

Thus, 63% of projects funded on MicroWorld are women's projects.

The access to funding is a crucial issue in the reduction of inequality between women and men, particularly in developing countries, as the women obtaining a credit could create an income generating activity and improve their way of life and the one of their family.
Indeed, it is estimated that increasing women's ability to generate income has positive effects on the community: women invest on average more than men in infant nutrition, education and health!

On a larger scale, the economical empowerment of women also helps strengthen and boost the local economy by creating jobs in their communities, by consuming more and investing in the development of their village or region.
That's why, the empowerment of women is a very important economic and social issue which is completely in line with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Find below an infographic representing the different inequalities that women are facing, especially in terms of access to agricultural and monetary ressources; and how the microfinance fits as a powerful tool allowing the decrease of these inequalities.