Irak: Microfinance for 740,000 widows

Focused on Japan and Arab countries revolutions, the medias are less interested in Iraq. But if in Bagdad, violence has dramatically decreased compared to the 2005/2007 peak, almost daily attacks continue. Mainly, the accumulation of violence had tragic consequences on women: there would be about 740,000 widows in Iraq, according to the New York Times, quoted by the MIT. Terrorism is far from being the only one responsible: this frightening figure is also the result of the war with Iran and the American intervention.

In this context, the recent decision of the Iraqi Counsil of Ministers to put women at the core of a SME financing programme, comes as a source of hope.
It is also a victory for Ibtihal al-Zaid, who is in charge of the Ministery of Women in the Iraqi government. « The request of the Ministery of Women belongs to our efforts to provide work opportunities and revenues for women », she declared to AK News information agency. The program will be focused on microcredit.

Traduction : Seforah Benhamou

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