Meeting between college students and Capgemini employees in Bordeaux

On February 14, 2017, the third class of the Capeyron College of Mérignac visited the offices of Capgemini Bordeaux.

Last November 22, three colleagues went to this class to increase awareness of the college students to digital carrers.

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This meeting was organized by Innov 'Avenir program in partnership with the association IMS Entreprendre. It was the occasion to present them the numerous projects in progress, the different professions (developer, architect, designer, ergonomist) but above all promote the diversity within the digital business.

The Capgemini expertise was presented via 4 workshops:

  • - A Virtual Reality Eyeglass Test
  • - A Team Building to understand the importance of communication
  • - An intervention about diversity within Capgemini
  • - Visiting the offices


Throughout the afternoon, many speakers, including Lab'innovation and UX studio, took the time to explain their missions. The students appreciated that:

  • - The unique presence of man in the digital sector is a stereotype
  • - The computer scientist does not just binary coding or web development


The day ended with a deep appreciation between the class teacher, the collaborators and the Innov 'future worker. Some students expressed their desire to work in a Capgemini-style company.

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