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Microentrepreneurs portraits : microcredit has changed their lives.

Tailor, hairdresser, bucher, retailer

Rkhoraria NDIAYE, 33, married, hairdresser

Rkhoraria is a 33-year-old Saint-Louisienne, mother of two children. Established for many years in Dakar, she was employed for a long time in a hairdressing salon. In 2002, she decided to go on her own and open her own hairdressing salon.
For two years, Microcred has been helping Rokharia improve the layout of her salon. She was thus able to install hairdressing salon furniture (mirrors, hair washing tubs). She was also able to take advantage of Microcred's loan to diversify the offer to her clients by offering them cosmetic products.
In the future Rokharia would like to apply for a second loan from Microcred in order to be able to move to a more spacious hairdressing salon.

Magatte FALL and Oumy NDIAYE, 46 and 34, married, Import / Export traders

Magatte and Oumy are two cousins living in the Cité Fadia district in Dakar. Both are married to men who have gone to Italy to work. They both decided about ten years ago to launch into the import / export trade. They deny being partners, but their complicity still suggests that they are not really trying to compete. They never hesitate to pass on the right tips, the right suppliers or customers they are not able to satisfy.
For many years they have been going together to Mauritania and Gambia to discover the best perfumes, fabrics and other cosmetic products, which they will sell to wholesalers in Dakar. They thus achieve economies of scale by purchasing in large quantities or by pooling the costs of customs clearance of goods.
When Oumy met a Microcred agent, she immediately spoke about it with her cousin. They then decided to each take a loan to increase their ordering capacity during their prospecting trips.
The two cousins are now planning to work with new countries: Morocco and Dubai. They will now be able to count on Microcred in these new projects.

Yankouba DIALLO, 38, married, butcher

Yankouba has been working in the butcher's shop since the age of 15. Since 1994 he has opened a small restaurant where he can offer his customers beef, mutton and chickens. With the help of his wife, the small family business has diversified and now offers its customers fruits and vegetables to its customers to accompany their yassa yap or tiébou yap. (Senegalese dish based on rice and mutton in general)
Yankouba called on Microcred to be able to increase its working capital and thus offer more products to its customers. He hopes to one day be able to apply for a loan again so that he can open a second butcher's shop and hand it over to his son.

Fatima KEBE, 38, married, chicken farmer and trader

Fatimata is the mother of a large family. She gave birth to 5 boys and 6 girls! The family has always lived in Dakar. If the elders are now independent and able to meet their needs, this is not yet the case for the youngest (his last born is only two years old).
Fatimata works hard. She tries to diversify her sources of income as much as possible: she raises chicks and chickens, but also offers lunch to the workers in the neighborhood every morning in her little tavern. She also does some jewelry and fabric business. But she had to slow down this activity which was not profitable enough for her outside the Senegalese holiday season.
It was precisely during the Tabasky that Fatimata called on Microcred. She benefited from a loan to buy fabrics that she sold to her entourage and to her neighbors, but also to strengthen her chick breeding. This will be very useful for him to offer omelets and chicken sandwiches in his breakfasts.

Saliou WILANE, 22, trader

Like many traders in the Arafat market, Saliou left his native region of Saloum to come and look for work in Dakar. He started working in the market at the age of 12. He rendered small services to traders and carried out a little itinerant trade.
Saliou learned very quickly. He now owns his own market place. Thanks to the support of Microcred, he was able to diversify his products. While at the beginning he only sold rice and peanuts, the first loan he made now allows him to offer his customers beans, oil, tomatoes and the mile.
Like all traders in the market, Saliou dreams of seeing his business grow and one day become a wholesaler. But his dearest wish is to be able to return one day to Saloum to build his house and start a family.

Massyl SYLL, 31, married, fashion designer

Massyl is the young father of an 11 month old baby girl. But it is difficult for him to take advantage of his small family. Indeed, this native of Thies must compose between his work in Dakar and his wife who is a housewife in the Louga region.
According to him there is no other alternative, it is in Dakar that he must be in order to grow his activities and thus support his family. For 4 years he has been running a sewing workshop in the Arafat market in the Grand Yoff district.
In 2009, he called on the services of Microcred to obtain a loan: he wanted to be able to make ready-to-wear clothes. For that, he needed to increase his stocks of fabrics and therefore his working capital.
In the years to come, he aims to open a second store and hire his younger brother. After the success of his first loan, there is no doubt that Massyl will again turn to Microcred for this future project.

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