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Mobile-banking for women

Source : Blog Isobel Coleman - Concil on Foreign Relations

During 2010, the number of people equipped with a mobile phone has exceeded 5 billion. The biggest growth came from the South countries, said Isobel Coleman of the Foreign Relations Council, on his blog. This growth that will enable the development of mobile-banking will benefit directly to women.

“According to a Cherie Blair Foundation report, 83% of women have seen their incomes increase as they are equipped with a mobile. One reason is that they can work more effectively, by accessing to their clients and to information about their markets through mobile. But it is also due to a better access to financial services through their mobile”.

But according to the same study, women in Africa have 23% less chance than men to have their own mobile phone. In Southeast Asia, the differential is 37%. However, mobile phones coupled with financial services would enable women to save more, because of greater simplicity, says Isobel Coleman.

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