More poor people in France

The gap between rich and poor people is widening in France !

In a study conducted in 2010, the INSEE underlines rising inequalities in France.

"Since the beginning of the 2008 crisis, the standard of living has increased for French located in the upper half of the income scale, while it decreased for others" says Jérôme Accardo, head of the consumer prices, households resources and living conditions department at INSEE.

On April 24th, the institute published income and household wealth , which analyzes the standart of living of French people in 2010. The standart of living is clearly stagnating or declining. It fell by an average of 0.5% from 2009 to 1,610 euros per month (19,270 per year).

About 440,000 more people fell below the poverty line and the income poverty rate has reached 14.1% of the population.

Poorest households are the most concerned while 5% of the richest French have seen their standard of living increase of 1.3% compared to 2009. The gap between rich and poor people is widening, so increasingly. For 30% of the poorest, the standard of living has declined from 1.3% to 1.6% in 2010. For the 10% of the wealthiest, it only decreased by 0.3%, and even increased for 1% of the richest.

Unemployment benefits and family allowances have helped to slow this trend.

According to the study, 2.7 million children live in households that do not receive more than 964 euros per month. That leads to a poverty rate of minors to 19.6%.

Some data tempered the overall results of the study : in the age 65-75 years group, women, in particular, have better pensions than before. But, women aged over 75 years know very precarious situations.

In 2013, the purchasing power is expected to decline and we expect a record of the unemployment rate for in March.

François Hollande announced the fight against unemployment as a priority. A 2.5 billion plan is set up to tackle social exclusion in the field of employment, housing, health or the indebtedness.

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Source: Youphil and INSEE