Muhammad Yunus will visit the University of New Hampshire for « Social Business Innovation Challenge »

For the "Social Business Innovation Challenge" organized by the University of New Hampshire, Muhammad Yunus will give a speech.

Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, Muhammad Yunus, pioneer of the microfinance industry will speak at the University of New Hampshire next month.

The campus located in Durham will host the microfinance and social business forum and the "Social Business Innovation Challenge."

Muhammad Yunus, known especially for founding the Grameen Bank, will address a speech to all participants on the following topic : "Social Business – The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs".

The "Social Business Innovation Challenge" requests students, community members and a few social entrepreneurs from across the state to find business-oriented solutions to social and environmental issues at a state, national or global level. Social enterprises aim to achieve growth through a revenue gain rather than using donations and finally have a social gain rather than a financial one.

This contest is therefore adressed to two categories:

One for current or aspiring New Hampshire social entrepreneurs and community members and one for students enrolled at a New Hampshire college or university, as well as summer 2013 graduates.
The winners of each category will receive a prize to help them fund their ideas as well as the opportunity to meet Muhammad Yunus.

As you can see there is a lot of initiatives around the world which tend to develop and spread the word about microfinance. You can also make your friends know more about it by giving them a MicroWorld Pass or by telling them about MicroWorld.

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