News from Lebanon – Nadia Aridi & Mounia – Improve products

This is the second time that this group of four friends, also neighboors in the region of Aley in Lebanon, take a €860 loan with Al Majmoua to diversify their plantations and increase the benefits of this activity.

Nadia works in a greenhouse not far from her home. She plants vegetables and fruits. Her husband carries the products to Beirut, where he sells them on the market. Nadia is also supported by two seasonal employees. Despite her physical tiredness, she is always smiling. She has two sons : one 14 years old and the other one 18. The youngest is in college, the other one works at McDonald's in the center of the city.

Mounia, meanwhile, lives alone and has no husband or children. She manufactures handmade soap in her garden with olive oil. Made without any chemicals, her soaps are known in the village and in the town of Aley for its quality. Some people even bring her their own olive oil to make their soap.
She is the only one doing that in this region and thus she manages to gain enough for her living.
With this loan, she bought new tools to facilitate her work and to make it more hygienic.

The other two members are a mother and a daughter. The mother works in her own vegetable shop and the girl is a school teacher.

They have always paid on time and they seem extremely pleased to work with Al Majmoua and Manal, one loan officer of the microfinance institution.

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