News from Senegal - Khadidiatou KANE - Purchase sewing machine(s)

"Thanks to the support of MicroCred, I could develop my activity and become financially independent.
With the loan, I could increased a stock of raw materials and my production. I spent the other part of my loan to repare my sewing machines and buy furniture.

My activity was developing well until one day I got robbed, which slowed down my activity.
Luckily my furniture and some machines have been spared and this is what allowed me to quickly restart my activity.

Despite the delays of a few days sometimes, I manage to pay my deadlines without problem.
Currently, with my savings, I fly on my own, my credit has expired and I expect to put order in my activity before asking for another loan."

[Note : the funding of the projet has been completed by the microfinance institution.]

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