Pi Slice celebrates its second year

Pi Slice celebrates its second year: 200 micro-entrepreneurs, 3 countries, 24 months and counting... Dubai - March 14, 2015. Pi Slice the revolutionary web based micro-lending platform that allows individuals and corporations to lend to micro-entrepreneurs in MENA celebrates today its second year.

Inspiring individuals and companies around the globe have funded over 200 micro-entrepreneurs through micro-loans over the past 24 months. That’s 200 small businesses created, 200 families supported and 200 small communities growing. And together, we did that.
Pi Slice is proving to be a slice of pie for micro-entrepreneurs and the economy at large, transforming lives across MENA through lending starting from as low as $20.

“I hope that next year we support thousands of micro-entrepreneurs, and I hope we can show more the power of working together and the power of giving in transforming lives. Next year we are adding 3 more countries to our family, and introducing micro-credit and Musharakah products. Launching Pi Slice in Arabic is just the beginning of more to come. And we only did it with the support of everyone in our community” Genny Ghanimeh, Founder of Pi Slice.

In commemoration of its second anniversary, Pi Slice is launching an Arabic website focused on raising further awareness and connection between micro-entrepreneurs and lenders in the Arab region. To celebrate Pi Day and the launch of the Arabic version, Pi Slice is offering our community a free 20$ voucher to support an entrepreneur of their choice (Readers can activate their Free Pass on the following link:, and share with us their experience on

The MENA region is home to approximately 370 million inhabitants of which at least 26 percent are estimated to be living on less than USD $2 / day. 3 Million Households are eligible for a micro-loan but with no access to funding. Pi Slice gives every individual an opportunity to make life count – through lending or borrowing.

About Pi Slice

Pi Slice is a web based social platform that represents a new channel of funding for Micro Finance Institutions. Its framework is a unique, connecting system that links individuals and companies – who wish to invest - with MENA based MFIs - which in turn use the funds to provide micro-credit to their customers. Through this web based platform, motivated individuals and companies can help MFIs in the MENA region to build a sustainable future for micro-entrepreneurs, as well as a favorable ecosystem for development at the macro level.

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