The most important lender from MicroWorld

Thanks to you, MicroWorld keeps growing and fighting every day against povert through microfinance. Today, Pascal is the most important lender for MicroWorld. The MicroWorld team met him.

MicroWorld : Pascal, Could you introduce yourself?
Pascal : My name is Pascal, I am 51 years old and I work for Capgemini. I am married and I have three children.

MicroWorld : How did you hear about MicroWorld ?
Pascal : In 2011, my company-Capgemini-sent an email to all employees to let them know about the new partnership between MicroWorld and Capgemini. When I learned that MicroWorld was part of PlanetFinance group, I decided to try this platform and made my first loan. I like seing people i lend my money to and know how the loan is used.
The process simplicity seduced me: few clicks and i lent 20€!

MicroWorld : You helped to relaize 6è porjects through MicroWorld. How do you select projects?
Pascal : It is funny, I never look at the project in the first look. My objective is firstly to split my loans in all countries. I also look at the "cheapest" ^projects and those who are almost done. I try to share my loans between women and men. For the rest, I entirely trust MicroWorld and its MFI partners.