Registrations for the African Microfinance Week are now opened!

This is now official, the first edition of the African Microfinance Week will take place at Arusha in Tanzania and will runs from 2nd to 6th December 2013.

Unity is strength

This event aiming at encouraging synergies between the various African networks of microfinance is described by the ADA (Association for the Development of Africa) as a "demonstration of unity and strength." Therefore, the more participants and actors of the microfinance there will be, the more the weight of the event and its actions can turn out consequent.

Moreover, you can now register online and join this great movement by visiting the following link:

The program

Discover numerous thematic sessions on Monday, December 2 and on Tuesday, December 3 regarding recurring themes of the microfinance such as the regulations of microfinance in Africa, MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) and its global sector.

Besides, do not forget to also register for the conference on the impact of new paradigms of financial inclusion in this sector.

On Wednesday, December 4 there will be a fair for investors from African Microfinance Transparency (AMT) and the last two days will be held general meetings reserved for AMT and MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network) members only.

Some testimonials

"It is encouraging to see major microfinance networks in Africa met for the first time at a conference. The African Microfinance Week will begin with discussions regarding the impact of regulation and the changes engendered. We will also study the basics of creating a unified front to influence the direction of political change in Africa, preparing the MFIs for a new era."
K -Rep Group - Kimanthi Mutua - Executive Director

"The African Microfinance Week aims to become the reference annual meeting for microfinance professionals coming from the entire African continent. ADA, through the Luxembourg Cooperation, supports this initiative based on the model of the European Microfinance Week."
ADA - Luc Vandeweerd - Strategic Director

For more information on this event please feel free to visit the African Microfinance Week official website:

Sources:, Microfinance Africa, ADA (Association for the Development of Africa)

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