Success Stories - Gulbahor & Salomatkhon - Tajikistan

Discover the stories of two women micro-entrepreneurs, clients of the microfinance institution HUMO in Tajikistan.

Gulbahor Azimova, micro-entrepreneur that you have supported on MicroWorld

Gulbahor Azimova - kind and active women - was born on 10 July 1977 in the village of Kizi -Partizoni, Zargar jamoat, Bohtar district, in the family of a farmer.
Since her childhood, Gulbahor helped her father at work doing livestock and crop production. She currently continues the work of her father and ancestors.

Gulbahor said: "In the beginning it was hard, but because I had a lot of interest, despite the difficulties I developed my work. Now my standard of living is good. The work of my father today feeds me."

Gulbahor has been involved in animal husbandry for 5 years. She totally mastered this activity. With the support of her brothers, Gulbahor decided in 2009 to start her own business.

Since 2012, she has cooperated with the microfinance institution HUMO.
During these years, Gulbahor took three loans; she has a good credit history. She first got a loan for purchasing cattle and after feeding it, she sold it at a profitable price. Now she is successfully engaged in buying and selling cattle.

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The story of Salomatkhon Imankulova, loyal client of HUMO

Salomatkhon Imankulova is a 38 years old woman living in Rudaki district of Jamoat Sultanabad Makhalla Sultanabad. She is one of the most successful borrowers of the microfinance institution HUMO.

It has been 7 years that Salomatkhon is a seller at the Sultonobod market and that she is cooperating with HUMO. She started her activity by selling perfumes and cosmetics for women in the local market. Before this time, she did not have a regular point of sale in the market and was not officially registered. That's why Salomatkhon asked HUMO for a loan in order to purchase a point of sale in the market and women's accessories to sell.

Within one year she managed to repay the loan on time and asked for a new loan to expand even more her business. With this help from HUMO, Salomatkhon could also buy a land and build a house to live with her children. Currently, she is selling at the markets of Sultanabad and at the local markets Yavan and Rudaki.

With the accumulated profit of her activity in 2013, she gave the opportunity to her daughter to study in medical college in Yavan region. After graduating, her daughter will become a qualified specialist and will work in their village.

In the future, Salomatkhon hopes to get a new loan to develop again her business and with the remaining profits she plans to buy for her daughter a wedding dress. Besides, she also wants to increase the cattle in her barnyard to receive an additional source of income.

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