Success story Ganjina- Tajikistan

Ganjina is a young confectioner, living and selling her confections in the capital of Tajikistan.

At only 21 years old, Ganjina Fayozova has a great talent. She is beginning her career as a pastry chef. She is engaged in baking and selling delicious cakes, bagels and gingerbreads.
As Ganjina says: “I get a good profit from baking of the bagels, cakes and gingerbreads and I like my work ».

She learned to bake confectionery at the training center for 3 months. After the courses, she started her work, until today. One year ago, in order to expand her activities Ganjina took a loan in the amount of 6000 TJS from Humo MFI. With this money, she purchased an oven, as well as products for the baking. Her sister actively helped her in the work, and that allow her to expand the activity and gain good profit.

In August 2016, Ganjina requested a loan for the education of her brother who is studying at the university. Her family could not pay for his tuition due to a lack of money. Therefore, she received a loan and paid for his training contract.

Currently, Ganjina’s activity is going well. Gradually, more and more people are becoming fans of her tasty creations. Ganjina’s mother has a selling point near the central hospital. Ganjina delivers her baked products to her mother in order to sale them. In one day, Ganjina bakes and sells more than 60 packs of bagels, gingerbreads and cakes. Due to the profit, she was able to renovate her home, as well as to expand her activities.

In the future, Ganjina plans to open her confectionary shop. She is confident that she will achieve success in her business.
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