Success Story Lebanon - Ahlam Rajab

Ahlam is working with her husband; 15 years ago they started to sell manakish (Lebanese pizza with thyme and cheese) in the entrance of their building.

15 years ago, they contacted Al Majmoua to finance the development of their activity starting by the reconstruction and transformation of their building entrance into an independent shop.

Ahlam started with a group loan program where she benefited from two loans (300$ and 400$).
After these first two loans, she had over the years 6 individual loans (from 500$ to 2000$) where the two last ones, including the one of 1500€ (funded via MicroWorld), allowed her to buy a machine to cut the dough, shelves to put the pizzas, and the counter.

Ahlam and her husband have about 100 clients each day and earn about 150 USD by day (200 USD on the weekend) with their activity.
For now they cannot diversify more their products because they don't have fridge.
For example, to sell pizza with meat ("lahme bajine"), the clients need to bring their own meat or order in advance and collect their product at a precise time.

Ahlam and her husband have 4 daughters and 2 sons. According to tradition, when the daughters are married, they go live with their husband. That is why, they have the project to build two floors above their house to welcome the future wives of their two sons. As for their daughters, 3 are already married and have left the family home.

Ahlam is very attached to Ebtissam, the Al Majmoua loan officer, with whom she has a relationship of trust for 4 years (in the middle of the picture above). Ebtissam has worked for 5 years at Al Majmoua and she is taking care of about 450 clients.

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