Success story Mosharif – Tajikistan

At only 24 years old, Mosharif is a young talented seamstress, coming from a family of entrepreneur.

Her parents raised 4 daughters and 3 sons helping them with their orientation. Her father has a grocery store and he is engaged in food selling.
Mosharif is a smart and sociable young woman. Before her marriage, her sister taught her how to sew and she learnt her craft in a couple of month. To thank her, she gave her the first dress she sew and she was very delighted with this beautiful gift.

Thanks to her talent and skills to sew beautiful dresses, she attracts many customers. Day after day, year after year, she is trying to increase the number of her permanent clients. Now, she is a master at her craft and teaches young girls how to sew.

In her personal life, she is a very polite and restrained person. She has two young pretty sons and teach them to love, learn, laugh, and develop their talents. In 2015, Mosharif took a loan in MFI "Humo" in the amount of $ 1,000 and used it to expand her business. A year later, she obtained a second loan in the amount of 6,000 TJS to purchase a sewing machine.

As she said : ”In order to achieve success in life, people must work diligently and do not be discouraged by difficulties”.

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