Success Story Senegal - Cheikh Ahmadou Tidjani Aidara

This is the story of Cheikh, young Senegalese microentrepreneur, who thanks to the Microfinance Institution Microcred and Microworld, was able to develop his business.

Cheikh has started his activity as a door-to-door seller of photo frames and pictures of celebrities. This is where he came up with the idea of becoming a photographer. He learned this job in a photo studio where he was used to buy his stock of goods. At this time, his activity was going well and he enjoyed it. With his savings, he bought his first camera and started his sessions.

In addition of ceremonies in which he participated as part of his business, with the help of the state, he was able to do photo coverage in regions and places where there was political demonstrations, which brought him a lot of money.

However, with the evolution of digital cameras, the number of his clients has decreased and his activity was not going as well as before. So he decided to diversify his activity and thanks to the money he collected, he bought 2 sewing machines, rent a place and went into partnership with a friend who was a tailor by profession.

Because of a lack of confidence between them, Cheikh decided to end the contract that bound them. Then, he sold all the machines and stocks that he bought himself.

Thanks to MicroCred he started another activity, he converted the premises in two parts: one side, the photo studio and on the other side a ready-to-wear fashion store. Currently, he is dealing with his fourth credit and everything goes as he planned.
He’s the only support of his family, he pays daily expenses, takes care of his wife, his two children and his parents.
Thanks to his experience in the trade, he has a good management of his customers and knows their needs.

Currently, he has a lot of projects in mind that he expects to achieve with the MFI MicroCred.
With his last loan, he already set up a booth in front of the store so his wife could sell sandwiches and other food products. He was surprised that the demand exceeds the supply they had planned. And Cheikh didn’t stopped there; he also ordered slippers from Morocco on the occasion of Muslim holidays approaching to attract more customers.

Like Cheikh said : “Microcredit is very important for micro-entrepreneurs and I wish with all my heart to continue working with Microcred Senegal to fulfill all my dreams in order to become financially independent.”

Follow the project of Cheikh or finance the projects of other microentrepreneurs in Senegal!

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