Success Story Senegal - Khadidiatou Dieng

Khadidiatou lives with her ​​husband, her children and her mother in the area of HLM in Senegal and has always loved sewing.

Indeed, from an early age and after school, she was always with her mother to observe how she sewing clothes. She touched on everything, was finishing touches and beading clothes.
Thus, Khadidiatou inherited this work of seamstress from her mother, a former client of Microcred Senegal. Because of her age, she could not continue anymore her profession and decided to pass the torch to her daughter since she was the most passionate from her children. On the other hand, she has gone through difficult times in her life, so she wasn't able to pay on time all deadlines.

With her commitment to MicroCred Senegal, Khadidiatou was able to restart the activity of her mother to take over this inheritance and to meet her commitments.
She hired a full-time tailor who helped her to increase production, in addition to her mother who seconded her in her absence.

Khadidiatou took her first loan of 300,000 CFA francs (about € 450) to buy a large stock of raw materials and sell finished products to her customers that she found on her own and those of her mother who are in the sub-region. It was a success, and this is where she earned the trust of the loan officer.
She had the opportunity to renew her loan application in the amount of 600 000 FCFA (about € 900) to repay without delay!
Today she is in her fourth loan, always in the same amount for buying fabrics, cushions flakes, beads and other sewing materials to meet the needs of her customers with the approach of Tabaski (Eid al-Adha in Senegal).

Thanks to her courage and determination, Khady (her nickname) has taken advantage of her business and now she helps her mother in the daily expenses of the house.
The only problem that Khady is facing is the recovery of her debts, which hampers the development of her business.

At the end of the loan, she wants to renew her request for a bigger amount in order to achieve some of her projects and increase revenues.
Her dream is to open a sewing school to give other girls a taste of the job, and at the same time contribute to the economic development of her country.

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