Success Story Senegal - Khardiata Camara

Today we present you the story of Khardiata, Senegalese micro-entrepreneur of 46 years and mother of six children in the area HLM in Senegal. She explains what happened during the loan application since 2012 and how it has allowed her to develop her trade in cosmetics and help her family.

She testified:

"I opened an account with MicroCred in May 2012 and my case was handled in less than 20 days with the help of their partner MicroWorld.

At first, my shop was half empty because of lack of funding, but also because I don't like loans for fear that my business does not work and that I would not be able to pay my deadlines.

With funding and support from your institution, I could build my product inventory and meet strong customer demand, I added more goods than I was selling before because I didn't have the money to get them.
Thereafter, I expanded my clients and of course it had a direct impact on the development of my work. Currently, I opened a savings account and I even finished paying the credit!

Now I'm on my second loan that allowed me to diversify my stocks advantage, to please my customers and at the same time to increase my income, in order to support better myself and my family.

I must say that I owe my success to MicroCred. Contrary to the image that I had of credit, it is a source of motivation for customers because it is money that is not ours and we must redouble our efforts to honor its commitments every month and also draw profit.

I can say that I have many projects in mind such as expand my business in HLM area and I hope to achieve this by continuing to work with your institution. "

Thank you to all lenders who have helped Khardiata to expand her business and to make a better management of her micro-enterprise for a future full of opportunities. Here's project MicroWorld page !
To support other micro-entrepreneurs as Khardiata in Senegal, discover new projects to fund !

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