Success Story Tajikistan: Akbarjon Tukhtaev

Akbarjon Tukhtaev is a shepherd from the region of Vakhsh, Senokos village. He is 27 years old and married with children.

For 6 years, he has been raising sheeps in the pastures and mountains of the village of Mashal to provide for his family.
In the fall and winter, he grazes animals mainly on lowland foothill pastures; in spring and summer, in the mountains.

"The work of a shepherd is not easy. Only the shepherd that will deeply comprehend the secret of sheep farming, take care of animals and protect them from bad weather, attacks of predators, diseases day and night in the heat and cold, can achieve good success in the profession." says Akbarjon.

Before taking a loan with the microfinance institution HUMO, Akbarjon had 12 sheeps. In April 2018, he received a loan of 6000 TJS (about 560 euros). With this money, he managed to buy several sheeps and expanded his flock. He has currently 22 sheeps.

In the future, Akbarjon wants to increase his farm with the help of new loans and he hopes that you will support him again on MicroWorld. He is very grateful to you for your financial assistance!