Success Story Tajikistan : Ashurgul Mirzoeva

Ashurgul Mirzoeva was born in the village of Beshkappa, Jamoat Chorgul, in the family of a cattle breeder. She grew up and got married there. In their house, she learned sewing activity from her mother-in-law and started sewing traditional women's clothes and national mattresses for brides (kurpa and kurpacha).

In order to improve her activity, Ashurgul wanted to buy an electronic sewing machine. Her neighbor was a client of the microfinance institution MDO HUMO, so she took his advice and turned to this organization.

Ashurgul together with her son, received a group loan in January 2018. When Ashurgul took this loan, she had a fear and uncertainty that she would be able to repay it and that her life would improve.

However, fortunately, her fears were not justified. Now Ashurgul is happy about this cooperation and very grateful for the support of the MicroWorld lenders.

With the loan amount she bought an electronic sewing machine and improved her working process. With her profit, Ashurgul renovated the outer part of the house.

Ashurgul intends to continue this cooperation and has plans for the future. Now her activity is progressing well and she is repaying the loan in time.