Success Story in Tajikistan : Ashurmoh Saydalieva

Ashurmoh Saydalieva was born on December 9, 1986 in Khuroson district of Istiklol village, in a family of farmers. She currently has 5 children and lives happily with her husband and children.

Ashurmoh initially engaged in crop production. In the spring, due to lack of finances, she could not fully use the land for sowing and part of her land remained not sown, which brought her less income.

On the advice of her father, Ashurmoh applied to the microfinance institution HUMO in 2015 for the first time.

Having received a loan, she sowed on all plots of her land and increased the profitability of her activity.

However, in order to improve the financial situation of the family, Ashurmokh decided to start another business. In 2016, she requested a second loan of 10,000 somoni (about €930), purchased young bulls. So, she started her business of fattening and selling livestock. Gradually, the family’s standard of living began to improve.

Later on, Ashurmoh got a new idea. Why not use a pond near her house for keeping and growing fish? She could get additional profit from selling them. Ashurmoh shared her idea with her husband and he supported her. In order to realize the goal, Ashurmoh applied for another loan in HUMO. Her husband and children began to help her in this activity.

The next loan Ashurmoh took was with the support of MicroWorld’s lenders and used it to buy and sell livestock. She currently has 3 livestocks and about 600 fishes. Ashurmoh successfully runs plant growing, animal husbandry and fish farming. She and her family are happy to cooperate with HUMO and wish to continue this cooperation.

Ashurmoh said: "HUMO is a bearer of happiness for the population of Tajikistan".