Success Story in Tajikistan : Avaz Umarkulov

Avaz Umarkulov is from Spitamen district, Kurush jamoat, Hashtyak village. Avaz has been doing animal husbandry and farming for ten years.

It is already the fourth time that Avaz cooperates with HUMO. He has used the current loan to buy livestock. Avaz inherited this profession from his father and grandfather.

Today, he has increased the number of his animals and thereby doubled the family income. Before the loans, he had only one cattle, and now his livestock reaches up to 4 heads.

His main difficulty was that he did not have lands, but now he rents a large plot of land, on which he sows fodder to feed his livestock. Avza hopes that he will get a good harvest this year.

Avaz used the profits from his activities to increase his number of animals. In addition to agriculture, he renovates homes in autumn and winter period.

"Agriculture plays a big part in my life. To grow crops and animals, it is first of all necessary to love the native land and give a piece of your soul to it. And it is also necessary to be proficient in your craft and increase your skills," quotes Avaz. He possesses all of these qualities.

In the future, Avaz plans to create a large cattle farm, to increase his number of livestock and to renovate his old house.
Avaz is very grateful for all the support and kindness.