Success Story in Tajikistan : Bahodur Kholbaev

Bahodur Kholbaev is a 40-year-old man who lives in Vakhsh district, in the village of Peshkadam with his wife and his 4 children. Bahodur is a farmer and livestock breeder.

For 10 long years, he has been engaged in sowing cotton and raising cattle. Thanks to these activities, he makes good profit and provides for his family.
Bahodur sows cotton on a vast stretch of land, and his brothers help him in his activities. They sow cotton in March-April and then harvest in September-November. Then, Bahodur and his brothers, sell the cotton harvest to the factories (at the cotton pick-up points) of their district.

For the first time Bahodur applied for a loan in the microfinance institution MDO HUMO in December 2016. He used the loan purposefully and expanded his cotton-growing activity. With his profits, Bahodur repaid the loan ahead of schedule.

Bahodur took another loan of 4,000 TJS (about €380) in March 2018 with the support of MicroWorld lenders.
Having obtained seeds and fertilizers, he could sow cotton on time. Thanks to the profits, he built a concrete fence around the house.

Bahodur plans to expand the land in the future. He wants to additionally rent 2 hectares of land for sowing cotton. He expresses deep gratitude for the support of MicroWorld lenders!