Success Story in Tajikistan : Bahri Nematova

Bahri Nematova was born on March 28, 1966 in the city of Isfara in a family of farmers. She has 4 brothers and sisters.

From early childhood, she helped her parents in agriculture. After graduation, she worked independently in the orchard and with animals, and after her marriage she continued these activities.

She has three children: 2 sons and 1 daughter. Her daughter is married and lives separately. Her eldest son is currently working in Russia, and her younger son helps her in her activities. This month, she wants to marry her son and teach her future daughter-in-law the basics of gardening and animal husbandry.

Currently, she has several heads of cattle, and a large plot of garden where she grows apricots.

In July 2018, she needed funds to expand her orchard. For this purpose, she applied to the microfinance institution HUMO and received a loan of 3000 somoni (about €280). With this amount, she acquired a plot of apricot orchard and expanded her possessions.

In the summer, her family engaged in the picking and drying of apricot, and then exported the dried apricots to the market for sale. In winter, she began to divide the apricot kernels and sell the resulting kernel to the market. This activity allows her to make a profit at any time of the year.

She is happy that she cooperated with HUMO and MicroWorld. In the future, she plans to continue this cooperation to expand her garden and increase her number of livestock.

"Thank you so much for supporting women entrepreneurs like me".