Success Story Tajikistan - Bibisuluv Ibodova

Bibisuluv Ibodova was born in the 28th of July 1964 in Vakhdat town in a family of peasant farmers. Since childhood, she had a fondness for livestock and helped her parents at the farm.
Bibisuluv got married in her village and raised three children. But the living standard of her family was very low. Children grew up one after another and education fees were difficult to pay.

Adviced by a friend who worked with the microfinance institution HUMO, Bibisuluv took a 2000 TJS loan from HUMO, bought a milk cow and began breeding.
As Bibisuluv had experience in this area and because she made some income with her activity, she decided to take a second credit of 2053 TJS; a third and a fourth one of 5000 TJS each. Thanks to these loans, she began to expand her activities and thus began to increase significantly her living standard.

Bibisuluv is working with HUMO institution for many years and from the beginning of her activities until today she increased her livestock. Children are pleased with their mother's work too and help her with the animal husbandry.

Bibisuluv said "In my business, I faced financial difficulties, but thankfully with the support and assistance of HUMO now I do not have any trouble".

During her cooperation with HUMO, she made all her monthly repayments on time. In the future, for the development of her business she plans to continue cooperating with HUMO, each time increasing the loan amount and thus decreasing the interest rate.
Bibisuluv is a very responsible person in the field of animal husbandry. She manages her business successfully and found her way of life in this world.

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