Success Story in Tajikistan : Bunyod Muhamadiev

Bunyod Muhamadiev is a resident of Spitamen district, Navcat jamoat. He is 27 years old. He is a taxi driver and provides for his family through this work.

Bunyod works on the route Khujand-Spitamen and knows this road by heart. Bunyod has been working in the transportation business for five years. During this period, he gained his regular customers.

On average, Bunyod makes 6 trips per day. His working day starts at six in the morning and ends at eight in the evening. Every day before starting work, Bunyod first inspects the car, checks the brakes, the fuel tank, the cleanliness of the car and only after that, he travels the route. He considers that it is his duty to ensure the safety and comfort of his passengers.

Unfortunately Bunyod's car broke down one day, and he could not continue to work. He did not have enough savings at that time, and the solution for him was to obtain a loan.

In September 2018, Bunyod requested a loan from Humo for the first time. This loan was supported by MicroWorld lenders. Bunyod fixed his car and successfully continued his activity.

After repairing the car, Bunyod's activity has improved and he began to have more clients. Thanks to his savings, he bought a car for his mother. Now he and his mother both work in one route line and help each other with clients.

Bunyod expresses his immense gratitude to Humo and MicroWorld for their support.