Success Story Tajikistan - Chavakova Surayo

Chavakova Surayo was born in August 17, 1977 in a family of farmers in the city of Vahdat, town Guliston, village Husnobod.

She has been engaged in livestock farming since her childhood. When she successfully graduated from secondary school, her parents married her. Therefore, she could not go to the University.

Even if Chavakova did not receive higher education, she's always worked and continued her farming activities after the marriage.
Chavakova has now a good experience in livestock farming.

Based on her experience, she decided to collaborate with CJSC MDO HUMO. On 2012, Chavakova participated in a meeting held by organization representatives for the people of her village. She decided to join HUMO’s rural program and expanded her farm business.

Chavakova has taken 4 loans since 2012. Starting with two heads of cattle, she now possesses six heads of cattle.
She also greatly succeeded personally during these years: she managed to repair her house and married one of her daughters.

She is particularly grateful to MicroWorld lenders: thanks to their help, her life conditions drastically improved. She is now living in a comfortable house. Together with her husband, they are able to provide adequately for their daughters and bring them better opportunities.

Chavakova is now a successful and committed businesswoman working with her daughters for the benefit of their family.

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